May’s Dash News Highlights

We arrive in the middle of May, with the crypto world loaded with news usually centered around Bitcoin. Which is normal as the third Halving has recently occurred in the Blockchain of cryptomoney. However, other important virtual currencies have also remained active. That’s why today we bring you the top Dash news of May.

New version of Dash Electrum launched

And we begin this countdown of the main news within the Dash Blockchain, with good news for everyone involved in this community. Well, Dash Electrum, one of the main wallets of the crypto currency, has announced the release of its version

It brings a series of minor improvements, mainly aimed at increasing the security of the Dash wallet. It also aims to protect the privacy of its users. Including the creation of a button to start Tor’s operation, in case it is not detected when you enter the Dash Electrum application on Android.

Dash Next allies with CGift

The company Dash Next, dedicated to the development of solutions that allow to scale Dash, to grow the cryptomonnage, and to accelerate its adoption. It has announced the establishment of a partnership with CGift. An Asian company dedicated to the creation of digital Gift Cards.

With this alliance, CGift would start issuing digital gift cards of Dash. Which would be credited with a certain amount of Dash equivalent to a fixed value in Fiat money. The user could then deposit these crypto-currencies in his wallet, and therefore be a very simple way to acquire Dash in Asia.

The alliance between Dash Next and Bitcoin Compass, Immediate Edge, Crypto Cash, Bitcoin Capital, Bitcoin Method is part of the most important Dash news of May
The partnership between Dash Next and CGift is part of the May Dash news highlights
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IntoTheBlock will provide analysis on Dash
It is impossible to underestimate the importance of the analyses, news and all the material generated around the crypto currencies, to guarantee the health of the crypt world. And that is as true for large cryptoactives like Bitcoin, as it is for virtual currencies with smaller communities like Dash.

Therefore, the crucial thing about the partnership established between Dash and the analysis platform about the crypto market, IntoTheBlock. It has announced the launch of new products to help the Dash community get the latest news and analysis. These include a widget for IntoTheBlock users with information on Dash’s Blockchain, and a monthly video report on currency. As part of this countdown to May’s Dash news highlights